Soma Cube Patterns #1 and #2

Download these different patterns you can make with Soma Cube shapes!
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One of the coolest things you can do with the Soma Cube pieces is make some fun patterns other than the basic cube. So we have a couple of pattern sheets you can download right here!

Soma Cube pyramid and apartment block patterns from our Architecture series.

Soma Cube Pattern Set #1 – Architecture

Featuring: The Tower, Pyramid, Apartment Block, and Skyscraper.

Soma Cube chair and bench patterns from our Furniture series.

Soma Cube Pattern Set #2 – Furniture 

Featuring: a Bed, Chair, Couch, and the 5-Seat Bench.

Stay tuned… we’ll be adding more Soma Cube pattern sets to our blog soon. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to hear about it!